Event Reports: Scrams in Michigan, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania, a leaking reactor vessel head in Illinois, a Fitness for Duty report in Florida, and an employee injury in Illinois

Apologies for the lack of posting lately.

Here’s a summary of some of last week’s Event Reports at the NRC website:

1. On Friday, September 14, Unit 2 at the Fermi nuclear power plant in Michigan suffered an automatic shutdown as the result of a loss of power to the onsite switchyard. Following a reduction in water level in the reactor, two emergency cooling systems activated and power was restored using Emergency Diesel Generators.

2. Also on Friday, Unit 1 at the Seabrook nuclear power plant in New Hampshire shut down due to a low water level indicator. The reactor’s Emergency Feedwater system activated as a result of the low water level.

3. On Thursday, September 20, Unit 1 at the Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant in New York suffered an automatic reactor scram following a turbine trip. The reactor’s High Pressure Coolant Injection system activated during the incident.

4. Also on Thursday, Unit 1 at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania suffered an automatic reactor trip following failure of a reactor coolant pump. TMI officials say that all safety systems operated as expected “except for automatic operation of turbine bypass valve control due to failure of the automatic control function to control precisely at setpoint.” Maybe I’m being picky, but you can’t say that everything went as planned, except for the safety system that didn’t.

5. On Friday, September 14, the Byron nuclear power plant in Illinois discovered during a dye penetration test that there were cracks around a weld in the reactor vessel head in the Unit 1 reactor. Plant officials plan a repair that will sound familiar to anyone who’s ever been told, following a fender bender, that the damage “will buff right out.” According the Event Report, the repair “will include buff of the rejectable area and retest.”

6. On Monday, September 17, the Honeywell International uranium hexafluoride facility in Illinois reported that a worker at its fuel fabrication facility had been burned on the neck by a steam line leak. The worker’s injuries were serious enough to require transportation offsite to a hospital. Prior to transportation, the individual was accessed for radiation exposure. The highest readings wer on his left boot. Subsequent examination found no body exposure.

7. And on Friday, September 14, a contract supervisor at the Saint Lucie nuclear power in Florida tested positive for alcohol during a random Fitness for Duty screening. The employee’s plant access has been terminated.


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