Event Reports: Rad waste casks fail to meet standards, operator fails Fitness for Duty test in Wisconsin

Two items from this morning’s NRC Event Reports page:
1. Energy Solutions notified the Nuclear Regulatory that two types of shipping cask that it provides to the nuclear industry failed to meet technical specifications for some acciddent scenarios. Energy Solutions said that both the 10-160B Type B Cask and the newer 8-120B Casks did not met the requirements for a hypothetical accident scenario, and that both types have been removed from service. Energy Solutions leases the casks to the nuclear industry for transportation of radioactive waste. Energy Solutions will file a written report to the NRC within 30 days

Withdrawal of the two types of cask might have an impact on a couple of projects that are in the works. We’ll have to wait and see if shipments to the Waste Control Specialists site in west Texas will be affected. It could also affect the Perma-Fix plan to import low level radioactive waste from Mexico and ship it to Washington state.
2. The Point Beach nuclear power plant in Wisconsin notified the NRC that a licensed operator failed a for-cause test for alcohol. For-cause tests are usually administered when an employee is visibly impaired or smells of alcohol. The operator’s access to the plant has been suspended rather than terminated, which suggests either that a confirmatory test has been scheduled or the worker has been referred to an employee assistance program.

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