Storm in Japan temporarily knocks out spent fuel cooling at Onagawa nuclear plant

Earlier today, a huge storm hit the main island in Japan, killing four people.

Buried in the coverage of the storm was the impact on the Onagawa nuclear power plant. As the UK newspaper The Guardian reported:

The storm temporarily reduced electricity supplies to the Onagawa nuclear power plant, in Miyagi prefecture, halting the cooling system for a fuel pool, operator Tohoku-Electric Power Co said.

Plant workers manually restarted the cooling system after about 20 minutes, it said.

All three reactors at Onagawa were already shut down before the storm.

Some reports said that a similar offsite loss of power took place at a second Tohoku-owned nuclear power plant. I am unable to find out which plant at this time, but I hope to post an update later today.

Here’s a link to the Guardian article:


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