Updates on lot of stuff: Bloomberg News puts lots of pieces together

Great coverage of the nuts and bolts of nuclear power!

The Bellingham (WA) Herald carried a report compiled by the Bloomberg News service today:

U.S. nuclear-power production fell 2.1 percent to the lowest level in more than 10 months as four reactors shut in Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama and Texas.

Generation declined by 1,662 megawatts to 78,410, or 77 percent of capacity, the least amount since May 24, according to filings with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and data compiled by Bloomberg. Output was 2.5 percent below a year ago with 20 of the 104 reactors in the U.S. offline.

The Bloomberg piece provided an update on the situation at the South Texas Project, which I wrote about last week:

South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Co. increased output from the 1,410-megawatt South Texas 1 to full power Sunday from 48 percent March 3. Production was lowered to investigate a control rod anomaly, said Buddy Eller, a company spokesman.

South Texas 2, another 1,410-megawatt unit at the site 80 miles southwest of Houston, should start this month after tests on repairs to a generator are completed, he said. That unit shut Nov. 29 for maintenance.

As the power increased at South Texas Unit 1 went back up, it was offset by the unexpected shutdown of Texas’ Comanche Peak Unit 2:

Energy Future Holdings closed the 1,150-megawatt Comanche Peak 2 reactor 66 miles southwest of Dallas. The 1,200- megawatt Comanche Peak 1 is producing at full power. An e-mail and telephone call to Ashley Barrie, a company spokeswoman in Dallas, weren’t immediately returned.

There’s no Event Report posted for Comache Peak 2.

Bloomberg had an update on a shutdown I told you about last week:

Progress Energy started the 710-megawatt Robinson 2 reactor in South Carolina on March 31 and is operating it at 97 percent of capacity. The unit shut March 28 after a steam generator tripped offline because it contained too much water, according to a filing to the NRC.

Crews were repairing a leak in a waterbox in the condenser system before the shutdown, Charles Ellison, a company spokesman based at the plant, said last week. The reactor, 58 miles northeast of Columbia, was shut for refueling from Jan. 18 to March 21.

Bloomberg also updated a situation I just blogged about, the shutdown of Saint Lucie Unit 1:

The reactor was operating at 10 percent of capacity early on March 31, when the incident occurred. It was returning to service after a control rod malfunction during testing March 18 following a refueling shutdown that began Nov. 27.

Bloomberg also carried a number of power reductions in the article:

*PPL Corp. closed the 1,149-megawatt Susquehanna 1 reactor in Pennsylvania for scheduled refueling and maintenance, Joe Scopelliti, a spokesman for PPL based at the plant, said.

*NextEra Energy closed the 839-megawatt Saint Lucie 1 reactor in Florida after a steam bypass valve opened and caused an uncontrolled cooldown, according to a filing to the NRC.

*Southern Co. shut the 851-megawatt Joseph M. Farley 1 reactor in Alabama for refueling and maintenance, Mark Sullivan, a company spokesman based in Birmingham, said.

*Entergy Corp. slowed the 852-megawatt FitzPatrick reactor in New York to 15 percent of capacity from 100 percent. An e- mail and call to Tammy Holden, a spokeswoman based at the plant 6 miles northeast of Oswego, weren’t immediately returned.

*PG&E Corp. decreased output at the 1,149-megawatt Diablo Canyon Unit 1 reactor in California to 55 percent of capacity from 100 percent.

Here’s a link: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/2012/04/02/2464887/nuclear-us-production-falls-as.html


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