Event Report: Radioactive source lost in shipment in Texas; Questions raised in state that is about to see significant increase in rad waste shipments when West Texas waste dump opens

The Texas Department of Health reported to the NRC this morning that a 350 millicurie source containing Americium-241 and Beryllium has apparently been lost in shipping. Probe Technology Services of Fort Worth shipped the source to Houston on March 14. Prior to delivery, it was determined that the source should have been sent to Probe’s Corpus Christi location. Arrangements were made with the delivery company to reroute the shipment.

On March 20, Probe’s Corpus Christi office told the Fort Worth office that the source had not arrived. The shipping company reported to Probe that they could not locate the source. On March 22, Probe Technology Services decided to report the source lost.

This incident is of particular concern as shipments of radioactive waste in Texas are expected to skyrocket with the impending opening of Waste Control Specialists’ (WCS) low level radioactive waste dump in Andrews County in West Texas. WCS has assured Texas regulators that its record-keeping will account for all radioactive materials, but opponents of the dump question whether hundreds of sources shpped from 38 states will be adequately monitored.



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