Fifty two down, two to go: Another Japanese reactor goes offline

A cargo ship carrying mixed oxide (MOX) nuclear fuel arrives at the Takahama nuclear power plant in 1999.

 The newspaper The West Australian reported this morning: 

Japan on Monday began a process that will see another one of the country’s nuclear reactors go offline, leaving just two of 54 in operation.

Kansai Electric Power Co (KEPCO), the largest utility firm after Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), began lowering power generation in unit three at the Takahama nuclear plant in Fukui prefecture, a KEPCO spokeswoman said.

The reactor is expected to be shut down completely by midnight, leaving all 11 reactors around the country owned by KEPCO idle, she said.

That leaves Japan with only two operating reactors. (That puts the percentage of reactors that are producing power at less than 4 per cent.) As The West Australian reported:

Once the Takahama reactor goes offline it will leave one unit operational at TEPCO’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant in central Japan and one at the Tomari plant in northern Hokkaido.

Those two units are expected to be closed down for inspection by late April.

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One Response to Fifty two down, two to go: Another Japanese reactor goes offline

  1. enoughalready45 says:

    Hi Robert,

    Did you see this regarding the Palisades nuke plant in Michigan, USA?
    Found it from link on Beyond Nuclear “Beyond Nuclear Responds to NRC safety downgrade of Palisades”

    Just a funny aside, when the Byron, Illinois, USA plant had a problem a few weeks ago commentators on ENE News were having some fun with the fact that the spokeswoman for the NRC is also a Belly dancer. She has a website and teaches Belly dancing. She “Viktoria Mitlyng” is also listed as the contact person on the NRC’s meeting notice.

    I may go to this meeting while I live in Illinois I own some land in Michigan in that general area. I could run up there go to the meeting and drive back. Now I just need to find a belly dancing costume to wear. Ha! I really don’t begrudge anyone a hobby it is just that I have this hope that everyone working in the nuclear industry spends their free time reviewing safety manuals. On ENENews I previously wrote about two scientists that work with nuclear radiation having side hobbies in acting and cooking and that it makes you realize they are just regular people, maybe really smart regular people. The problem is when a nuclear accident happens we need superheroes.

    One more thing, this comment is not related to the subject I posted it under. Would you like off topic items and messages to you posted elsewhere?


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