CNN to air story on older US nuclear reactors tonight

CNN will air an investigative report tonight on the 23 U.S. nuclear power plants that use the GE Mark I design, the type and age system that failed at Fukushima. (The picture above is of a 2007 cooling tower failure at Vermont Yankee, a GE Mark I reactor.) The piece is a segment on CNN Presents, which airs at 8 pm and 11 pm Eastern time.

One important thing to note is that all reactors are inherently unsafe, not just the GE Mark I. This is made clear in a statement from a GE official, carried on CNN’s web version of tonight’s story:

No nuclear plant could have avoided a meltdown after being swamped by a tsunami and losing power to cooling systems for an extended period of time, the company says….

Here’s a link to the print version:


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