Worker falls into reactor pool at California nuke

According to an Associated Press story picked up by a San Diego TV station:

Authorities say a worker fell into a reactor pool at the San Onofre nuclear power plant in San Diego County last week but he didn’t receive a significant radiation dose.

Southern California Edison spokesman Gil Alexander says the man was leaning over to retrieve a flashlight when he lost his balance and fell into the Unit 2 reactor pool on Jan. 27.

The pool’s more than 20 feet deep and holds water that circulates through the reactor core.

Alexander tells the North County Times that the worker, who’s employed by a private contractor, was wearing a life preserver. He received 5 millirems of radiation.

That’s not considered a major dose and he went back to work the same day.

By comparison, a chest X-ray provides about a 4-millirem dose.

Here’s a link:


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