New leak at Fukushima

Reuters reported today:

More than 8 tonnes of radioactive water leaked from a reactor at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant but none reached outside the reactor building, Tokyo Electric Power Co said on Thursday as it strives to ensure damaged reactors are stable enough for work to start on dismantling them.

Reuters had these additional details:

The leak discovered late on Tuesday was from a pipe at the plant’s No.4 reactor that may have burst after freezing due to cold weather, said a spokesman for the utility, known as Tepco. He said leaking water would go into a drain leading to a storage facility.

Reuters found a glass-half-full guy to comment on the latest leak:

“I wouldn’t say this is a positive development. But it isn’t something that would further stoke safety concerns over other nuclear plants,” said Kenji Sumita, honorary professor at Osaka University.

“If it hadn’t been for the Fukushima disaster, an incident like this could have gone unreported.”

Here’s a link:

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