Illinois nuke shuts down after loss of power incident

 The Chicago Tribune reported this afternoon:

U.S. power company Exelon’s 1,136-megawatt Unit 2 at the Byron nuclear power plant in Illinois shut Monday morning, a spokeswoman at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said.

Exelon declared an unusual event due to the loss of offsite power, Viktoria Mitlyng, NRC Region 3 spokeswoman said. An unusual event indicates a potential degradation of the safety level of the plant.

She said Exelon was looking into what caused the unit trip and noted there was a transformer issue and reports of smoke.

WIFR in Rockford, Illinois, ran what looked like a rewrite of an Exelon press release. However, it contained a scary paragraph:

Steam from the unit is released through safety relief valves that are specifically designed for this purpose. The steam, which will evaporate quickly, contained expected levels of tritium. Local residents may see or hear the steam release in progress, which will continue throughout the day until the unit cools down.

Here’s a link to the Chicago Tribune story:,0,7041106.story

And here’s a link to the WIFR report:


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3 Responses to Illinois nuke shuts down after loss of power incident

  1. enoughalready45 says:

    Earthquake magnitude 2.4 just occurred near here. Within 24 hours after the nuclear plant incident. Northern Illinois is not an “earthquake” zone so having a nuclear incident and an earthquake in the same area within such a short time frame is a very uncomfortable coincidence. Especially when you live 80 miles southeast as I do.

    • Thanks for the update. Do you know if there is there any hydraulic fracturing going on in your area? That might explain both the power disruption and the earthquake.

      • enoughalready45 says:

        No I do not know of any fracking going on and have not seen any reports of it from the usual group on the internet that usualy checks that sort of thing, ie. Dutch Sinse and the ENENews commentators.

        I have set my DVR to record all Noon news programs in the area hoping for some updates.

        I would like to know if the releases of steam are over or if they continue. Also, I would like to see any reporter ask if any other radioactive isotopes could possibly have also been vented in the steam.

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