Update: Alert terminated at Minnesota nuke

Officials at the Prairie Island nuclear power plant in Minnesota have terminated the alert that they issued yesterday after a ruptured pipe leaked sodium hypochlorite into the facility’s chlorine house. Fumes from the spilled chemicals were determined to be Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health.

Here’s some additional details from WHBL radio:

Investigators are still looking into a chemical leak at the Prairie Island nuclear power plant near the Wisconsin border at Red Wing Minnesota.

That’s after a two-inch break was discovered early Thursday in a small pipe leading to a tank filled with chlorine bleach.

About 500 gallons drained into a catch basin, and officials said none of it escaped into the nearby Mississippi River.

Here’s a link: http://whbl.com/news/articles/2012/jan/06/prairie-island-nuclear-plant-chemical-leak-still-under-investigation/


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