Event Report: South Texas nuke shuts down

Reactor 2 at the South Texas Nuclear Project shut down early yesterday morning due to a turbine trip and generator lockout. The unit’s Auxiliary Feedwater system activated following the turbine trip. A steam dump valve failed in the open position during the incident.

Unit 2 had just returned to full power following a refueling outage. The reactor is in Hot Standby mode.

South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company (STPNOC) has promised a press release on the matter, but as of this hour, the statement has not been posted to the STPNOC website.

More information when it becomes available….



About Robert Singleton

By day, I work for a call center. In my spare time, I try to save my hometown (and planet) from a nearly constant onslaught of greedheads, lunatics and land developers. I live in a fictional town called Austin, Texas, where I go to way too many meetings.
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