Event Reports: Three workers receive radiation exposure, and a New York reactor shuts down

Two incidents from today’s NRC Event Reports:

1. Saturday morning, three workers at a Johnson & Johnson facility in Raritan, New Jersey were attempting to load Cobalt-60 gamma ray sources into an irradiator when an eight-inch source became dislodged and stuck in the open position. Problems with an insertion tool prevented the workers from quickly inserting the stuck source. Workers managed to break the insertion tool and force the source into the irradiator.

Total time that the Co-60 source was exposed was 25 to 30 seconds. All three workers, two employed by Foss Therapy and a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) employed by a Pennsylvania firm, received radiation exposure during the incident. The two Foss employees received whole body exposure doses of 8.1 rads and 7.7 rads, while the RSO received 8.5 rads. Extremity exposure for the two Foss employees has been estimated at 50 to 60 rads. What this means in health terms is difficult to determine, as there is a “quality factor” that weighs into the assessment. Detailed dosimetry data is expected shortly.

2. Late last night, operators at Ginna nuclear in New York reported that the Unit 1 reactor shut itself down due to a turbine trip. The system’s Auxiliary Feedwater System activated following the trip. The reactor is currently in Hot Standby, and the cause of the turbine trip is under investigation.

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2 Responses to Event Reports: Three workers receive radiation exposure, and a New York reactor shuts down

  1. Marco Rudin says:

    Stop this criminal behaviour. Stop nuclear power.

  2. riverboatbill says:

    Any information on the fate of the cobalt-60 irradiators in Salem ,NJ and Rockaway NJ?

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