(Totally unrelated aside: the above photo is of the original reactor containment at Dounreay, and is known locally as Fred the Golf Ball.)

Dounreay nuclear is leaking again.
The first reactor at the Scottish site was built in 1955, and eventually the facility hosted three fast breeder reactors. The last of the nukes ceased operations in 1994. Dounreay has a history of radioactive leaks, and has been fined in the past for improper handling of radioactive materials.
The BBC reported today:

Radioactive material has leaked at the site of the former Dounreay nuclear power station in Caithness, it has been confirmed.

Radioactive liquid effluent is understood to have leaked inside a treatment facility.
Scottish MP Rob Gibson, who represents Caithness, said:
“These events underline both the complexity of the decommissioning processes and the possibility that errors may still be made.
“Nuclear energy has no place in a safe Scotland.”
Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-15222259


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