NRC Event Reports: A reactor shutdown, failure of a safety system and worker exposure

Three incidents from this morning’s NRC Event Reports:

1. Unit 1 at Seabrook in New Hampshire is in Hot Standby following an automatic reactor trip yesterday afternoon. The reactor shut down because of low steam generator water levels. The Emergency Feedwater System activated on the low water level signal. One of the reactor’s steam generators “indicated erratically” following the shutdown and was declared inoperable. Temperature in the reactor is being taken down to Cold Shutdown for what is being described as a “previously planned forced outage.”

2. Yesterday afternoon, operators at Susquehanna Unit 2 in Pennsylvania received indications of an oscillation in the High Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) pump electronic governor, described as “an early indication of potential governor failure.” As a result, the HPCI was declared inoperable. The reactor continues to operate at 99 per cent power this morning.

3. Two workers at Honeywell International, a fuel fabrication facility in Metropolis, Illinois, were treated at the onsite dispensary following exposure to anhydrous uranium hexafluoride. In the course of treatment, it was discovered that both workers had contamination on their work shoes, and one employee had contamination on his coveralls. The source of the contamination was exposure to U308 Uranium Core Concentrate.

NRC Event Reports are available at


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