Two reactors ramping down following discovery of maintenance issues

A reactor in Ohio and one in New York are reducing power while addressing maintenance problems, according to this morning’s NRC Event Reports.

Operators at Perry nuclear in Ohio say that the startup transformer in the Unit 1 reactor failed last Thursday as the result of an internal fault. The reactor is now shut down, and repairs continue.

This morning, operators at Indian Point in New York began a controlled shutdown on the Unit 2 reactor following a declaration that all three Containment Recirculation Fan Filters were inoperable due to insufficient service water flow during testing.

Both reactors are in Technical Specification shutdowns, a slower process than a scram. While power is decreased during a Technical Specification shutdown, once the underlying problem is remedied, the reactor can come back to full power faster than following a scram. In fact, Indian Point Unit 2 is listed at 100 per cent power on this morning’s Reactor Status Report.


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