Four incidents from today’s NRC Event Reports

A fire alarm in containment, a toxic chemical leak, elevated tritium levels and failure of two Emergency Diesel Generators top Friday’s NRC Event Reports:

1. During startup yesterday morning, operators at the Robinson nuclear power plant in South Carolina declared a Notice of Unusual Event (NOUE) after receiving a fire alarm signal from the Unit 2 reactor containment building. Investigation revealed no smoke or fire, but the Unusual Event declaration was necessary because the containment structure was inaccessible for more than fifteen minutes. The Unusual Event was terminated more than an hour after the spurious alarm was received. The Unit 2 reactor is at 18 percent output this morning.

2. The Limerick nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania declared an Unusual Event yesterday afternoon for both reactors after a sodium hypochlorite leak in the station’s water treatment plant. Sodium hypochlorite can be corrosive and cause skin burns and breathing problems in high concentrations. The Unusual Event was terminated about three hours later. The leak has been plugged and cleanup continues.

3. Yesterday afternoon, the Hatch nuclear plant notified the NRC and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources of elevated tritium levels at two sampling points onsite. Both sampling points are adjacent to the Unit 1 condensate storage tank. Investigation is underway to find the source of the tritium.

4. Monticello nuclear in Minnesota reported to the NRC this morning that it had discovered during testing that the reactor’s two Emergency Diesel Generators (EDG’s) failed a Technical Specification requirement. As a result, both EDG’s were declared inoperable. Apparently, inoperable has a different meaning in NukeSpeak than it does in Standard English, as the Event Report also noted: “Both EDGs are considered Functional and Available for use at this time.”


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