United States and Russia sign commitment to increase use of nuclear power

Stephen Chu at IAEA Scientific Forum on Water, September 2011 (Dean Calma - IAEA)

Looks as if the United States is eager to join the countries determined to learn absolutely nothing from the Fukushima meltdowns. World Nuclear News just reported:

Energy leaders from Russia and America have made a “commitment to supporting the safe and secure expansion of civil nuclear energy” on the sidelines of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s General Conference. 

Officials from the US Department of Energy and Russia’s Rosatom signed what the US side called a “joint statement on strategic direction of US-Russia nuclear cooperation.” US energy secretary Stephen Chu said it was a milestone for the two nuclear energy pioneers. They were long separated by their opposition during the Cold War, but now share a leading role in nuclear security and disarmament.

There are days I’m afraid to open my Inbox….

Here’s a link: http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/NP_USA_and_Russia_commit_to_expand_nuclear_power_2109111.html?utm_source=World+Nuclear+News&utm_campaign=8a29e1e410-WNN_Daily_21_September_20119_21_2011&utm_medium=email


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