More hotspots expected at Fukushima, according to industry group

The World Nuclear News had a follow-up story today on the extremely radioactive hot spots (5 sieverts and 10 sieverts) found at Fukushima this week. The WNN contained this matter-of-fact assesment:

Both of the readings were taken from parts of the Standby Gas Treatment System (SGTS), through which steam was vented to relieve reactor pressure during the accident in March. In that sense, it is highly likely that Tokyo Electric Power Company will make several more findings of radiation hotspots as it conducts stabilisation work inside the power plant buildings.

WNN also noted:

The radiation levels indicated by these off-the-scale readings mean that no worker can approach to within a few metres of the areas to take detailed manual measurements. Instead, levels were estimated using gamma cameras mounted on robots.

Here’s a link:



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