6.5 earthquake hits Fukushima

Yet another earthquake. Korea’s Arirang News reported this morning:

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Northeastern Japan

Another strong earthquake has rocked the same region in northeastern Japan that was devastated by the March 11th quake and tsunami.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reported that a magnitude 6.5-quake struck at around 3:50 a.m. Sunday off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture at a depth of about 57 kilometers.

Fortunately, the quake did not cause further damage to the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant and no tsunami warning was issued.

Reports say at least seven people in nearby cities have sustained minor injuries due to the latest earthquake.

The agency worries that more magnitude six to seven level aftershocks could occur in the future due to the deadly earthquake in March.

Link: http://www.arirang.co.kr/News/News_View.asp?nseq=118712&code=Ne2&category=2


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