New leaks at Fukushima

The Cleveland Leader reported Tuesday morning:

On Tuesday it was discovered that tons of radioactive water had leaked into the ground from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

Today’s story was based on new information from the Japanese nuclear regulatory agency:

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said that about 15 metric tonnes of water with low level radiation leaked from a storage tank at the plant. Large amounts of water contaminated by varying levels of radiation have been accumulating in storage tanks at the plant after having been used to cool reactors that were damaged when their cooling systems were knocked out in March.

The latest link was discovered when Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) restarted a pump system:

TEPCO has had a major problem in dealing with the radioactive water, and is currently trying to use a decontamination system to clean the water so that it can be reused to cool the reactors. However, the decontamination system has had some glitches. Officials have said that the water could spill into the Pacific Ocean if the system is not working properly.

The decontamination system was started on Monday, but was stopped after just 90 minutes due to a water leakage. TEPCO was able to repair the problem, and started the system up again on Tuesday afternoon.

Here’s a link:


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