Explosion at Unit 4: What was it?

Fukushima Daiichi Reactor #4: Click to enlarge

Tom Burnett at the Hawai’i News Daily yesterday posted an analysis of what we know about the reported explosion outside the Unit 4 reactor at Fukushima. Burnett dissects a number of TEPCO’s statements and finds them wanting:

First, I doubt there is an underground fuel tank next to a nuclear reactor (as TEPCO claimed). Even if there were, ANY explosion would increase radiation levels because radioactive particles are all over the place….

Secondly, I doubt that people are operating remote-controlled heavy equipment without specific planned routes and copies of blueprints of the facility overlaid on maps in front of them with specific GPS coordinates….

Third: The ‘live’ feeds have been off for longer than the time the indecent supposedly occurred. Yesterday it was supposedly because heavy ground fog obscured the area. People are not operating heavy tracked equipment around the Reactor 4 fuel pool in zero visibility – I was born at night but it wasn’t LAST night. Conclusion: Everything TEPCO says is molasses.

So what happened? Burnett has a horrifying theory:

…the most likely scenario is that the R4 fuel pool collapsed and the near-term clean-up effort has been set back to the year 2525.

Here’s a link: http://hawaiinewsdaily.com/2011/05/tepco-reports-explosion-at-fukushima-nuclear-plant-did-the-reactor-4-fuel-pool-collapse/



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