Seawater in reactor core at Hamaoka

Still trying to find the original source on this report, which appeared on the Monsters & Critics blog this morning. The entry credits the report to the German news outlet Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA). It hasn’t yet appeared on DPA’s English-language site. Anyway, Monsters & Critics reported:

Tokyo – Some five tons of seawater is estimated to have entered a reactor core at the Hamaoka nuclear power station in central Japan, the operator said Thursday.

That followed the discovery of an estimated 400 tons of seawater that has inundated the main steam condenser at reactor 5 of the Hamaoka nuclear plant in Shizuoka prefecture, south-west of Tokyo.

Chubu Electric Power Co, which runs the plant, found the 400 tons of seawater while shutting down the reactor as requested by the government.

This raises questions about when the seawater entered the reactor vessel at Hamaoka, and how close the reactors came to meltdown. Chubu Electric, Hamaoka’s owners, are currently building a new seawal to prevent flooding during a potential tsunami, but today’s report suggests that the corrective action may be too late.

The Monsters & Critics post also contains this disturbing report:

The utility will not decommission the reactor. Instead, it will dilute and desalinate the seawater to prevent any corrosion inside the reactor as salt causes corrosion.

The reactors at Fukushima are not going to re-open because of the injection of seawater and subsequent corrosion. You have to wonder if Chubu is courting further disaster by planning to re-open its reactors that were flooded with salt water.

Here’s a link to the Monsters & Critics post:

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