Never Mind the Unexpected…

I’ve decided I’m going to use this heading any time a nuclear plant fails to meet performance standards during an event it was allegedly designed to withstand, like a thunderstorm.

Today’s initial recepient is the Catawba nuclear power plant in South Carolina, where it was discovered during a rainstorm yesterday morning that 40 of its 89 emergency sirens were not functioning. This always bothers me, when emergencies disable siren that are supposed to warn people during emergencies. Anyway, as of this morning, 27 of the 89 sirens remain out of service.

(Information from NRC Event Report #46840.)

About Robert Singleton

By day, I work for a call center. In my spare time, I try to save my hometown (and planet) from a nearly constant onslaught of greedheads, lunatics and land developers. I live in a fictional town called Austin, Texas, where I go to way too many meetings.
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