Workers begin radiation testing

Kyodo News reported this morning that some 800 workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant have just begun to undergo medical exams to determine the severity of their exposure to radiation as they struggled to shut down the plant’s four crippled reactors.

Of the workers, 30 have been exposed to over 100 millisieverts of cumulative radiation. However, with the exception of three workers exposed March 25 to high-level radiation and those who have already ceased working at the plant, they received their first examinations only this month, (TEPCO) officials said.

One hundred millisieverts of exposure was the maximum yearly exposure for nuclear workers prior to the Fukushima meltdowns. Following the accident, government officials raised the level to 250 millisieverts. U.S. safety standards call for no more than 30 millisieverts of exposure annually.

Here’s a link to the Kyodo News article:

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