Radiation detected on cars shipped from Japan

NTD Television reported this morning:

On Monday, customs officials in Chile say some 20 cars being imported from Japan were found with low levels of radioactivity.

The cars were to be dropped off in the Chilean port of Iquique on Sunday. But when dock workers heard of the alert they refused to unload the cargo.

[Jose Lillo, Dock Worker]:
“In the morning when we came in for our shift, customs officials came to give us an information session and that is when we found out that there were cars that were suspected of having radioactivity.”

Authorities say the levels of radioactivity were so low there was no risk to human health, but operations at the dock were momentarily held up.

Dock operations did get back to normal on Monday, but some workers still refused to return to the job.

The cars were part of a delivery of more than two thousand used vehicles aboard the Hyundai No.106 cargo ship. The ship began its journey in the South Korean port of Ulsan before making stopovers in the Japanese ports of Osaka and Yokohama.

Yokohama is about 200 miles from Fukushima, where engineers are still fighting to control a nuclear reactor damaged by March’s earthquake and tsunami.

Yokohama is pretty far outside the exclusion zone….

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