Second TEPCO worker exposed to excess radiation

The China Post reported this morning:
A second female worker at the damaged nuclear plant in northeastern Japan was exposed to a higher radiation dose than the legal limit, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said Sunday.

The employee at the company’s Fukushima nuclear plant had been exposed to a total of 7.49 millisieverts of radiation, above the limit of 5 millisieverts for a three-month period.
The woman received significant internal radiation exposure:
The woman may have inhaled radioactive substances that had been attached to the clothing of other workers in the early days of the crisis, when workers were not wearing masks inside the building for some time, Kyodo reported citing the operator.
The female employee did not work in what would normally be a nuclear portion of the plant:
The woman had been working at an on-site building until March 15 to provide care to workers who had become sick while dealing with the crisis, the operator said.
The China Post report also has an update on two workers who had been admitted in March with radiation burns:
The limit for plant male workers is set at 100 millisieverts over five years and 50 millisieverts in one year. But the nuclear crisis prompted the government to raise the limit to 250 millisieverts per year as a special case.

On Saturday, TEPCO said two workers were found to be close to that limit.

The two were hospitalized in late March after they were exposed to radiation in the basement of a reactor building flooded with contaminated water. They were diagnosed as having sustained beta ray radiation burn injuries to their legs.


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