GE stands by troubled reactors (Well, not literally)

AFP reported today that General Electric is still convinced that its Mark 1 boiling water reactors are safe, events of the last ten days notwithstanding:

General Electric defended its 40 year old Mark 1 reactors at the center of Japan’s nuclear crisis Friday, saying that early questions about reactor’s safety had long been addressed.

GE rejected recent reports of possible design weaknesses in the Mark 1, which accounts for five of the six reactors at the Fukushima plant, threatened with meltdowns after cooling systems failed.

“The Mark I meets all regulatory requirements and has performed well for over 40 years,” it said in a statement.

It’s what happens beyond the first forty years that has me a little worried today. NIRS reported last week that there are 23 GE Mark 1 reactors operating in the United States, and that 18 of them have been granted 20 year license renewals.


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