Fox News raises concerns about radiation in food supply

Fox News ran a report earlier today about the possibility of radiation from the Fukushima disaster spreading through the food supply. Just the headline indicates what a change in tone this is for the network that last week let Ann Coulter babble on about how a little radiation is good for you. The headline for the current story is:

Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Raises Concerns About Contamination of the Global Food Chain

The facts in the Fox News piece are stunning:

Over the weekend, Japan closed 19 dairy farms in the Fukushima prefecture after finding milk with five times the legal limit of radiation. They also halted the spinach harvest in neighboring Ibaraki prefecture after finding radiation seven times higher than safe. The Gunma and Chiba provinces closer to Tokyo also found elevated levels of radiation in kakina and chrysanthemum, both widely consumed local leafy vegetables.

Just as an economic story, the impact of radiation in the Japanese food supply could be devastating:

Another concern is cattle and fish, especially exports of high grade Kobe beef and sushi. A cash-strapped Japan needs all exports and foreign currency it can get. Yet consumer fears — legitimate or not — are expected to damage those exports.

Here’s a link:


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