Safety systems down at five nukes over weekend

A number of nukes were without one of their safety systems for a part of the weekend:

1. Limerick Unit 2 in Pennsylvania had to be scrammed Friday morning due to a trip of both recirculation pumps. This morning’s Reactor Status report has the unit back up to 20 per cent power, with no update for what went wrong or how it was fixed.

2. Ft. Calhoun in Nebraska issued a retroactive report saying that the Emergency Operations Facility had been without power for almost an hour on Saturday, Feb. 19 due to a defective battery.

3. Susquehanna nuclear plant in Pennsylvania reported that the Unit 1 High Pressure Coolant Injection system become inoperable Friday night due to a steam leak. No power reduction was initiated.

4. The Duane Arnold nuclear plant in Iowa reported Saturday morning that its High Pressure Coolant Injection system was inoperable due to air intrusion into instrument sensing lines. Plant continues to operate at full power.

5. Point Beach nuclear reported on Sunday evening that its Unit 2 reactor’s Safety Injection system was out of service due to an oil leak.

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