Japanese ABWR project delayed again

World Nuclear News reported today that there will be another delay in initial start-up for the Shimane Unit 3 reactor in Japan. Shimane 3 is an advanced boiling water reactor (ABWR), similar to the units proposed for the South Texas Nuclear Project expansion.
The problem, as reported by WNN:
(Plant owner) Chugoku has now said that it discovered in late November 2010 that it could not smoothly insert the control rods into the reactor. A subsequent inspection found that there was distortion in the driving screws in some of the control rod drives (CRDs). It was found that 18 out of a total 205 CRDs had the fault.
The problem will require the return of the CRDs to the manufacturer:
The utility said that all the CRDs will now be removed from the reactor and returned to supplier Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy.
The result of the problem:
…Chugoku has delayed fuel loading at Shimane 3 by three months, from March 2011 until June 2011. Commercial operation has correspondingly been put back from December 2011 to March 2012.
Here’s a link to the article:



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