Missing plutonium sources, torn seals and a fire that wasn’t

From today’s Event Reports at the NRC website:

From today’s NRC Event Reports:

1. Idaho State University has given up the search for two PU-239 button sources. The missing plutonium had been noticed in a September inventory. ISU has changed the status of the two quarter-sized sources from ‘misplaced’ to ‘lost.’ Question: If you mishandle and misplace plutonium, shouldn’t that be a reason to worry that you’re just not taking nuclear materials protection seriously?

2. On Friday, during a walk-down inspection, operators at the Millstone nuke in Connecticut discovered that two flexible boots surronding pipes penetrating the secondary containment wall had developed a total of three tears, rending the shielding inoperable. Plant owner Dominion reported that the condition “could have prevented the fulfillment of the safety function to control the release of radioactive material.” No change in plant output, however.

3. Also on Friday, River Bend Unit 1 in Louisiana declared an Unusual Event due to Fire Alarm signal from the drywell area containing one of the reactor’s Recirculation Pumps. Visual inspection confirmed that the alarm was invalid, but not before the 15 minute period that triggered the Notice of Unusual Event. Reactor was at 1 per cent output when the alarm sounded.


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